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  • What is a gutter guard?

    A gutter guard is a home-improvement product designed to prevent gutters from getting clogged due to debris like falling leaves and pine needles. When gutters clog, water can leak through the shingles and compromise the roof, or it can spill down the sides of the home and pool near the foundation, potentially causing significant structural damage. Having a gutter guard installed prevents this damage, but it also prevents you from having to get on a ladder to clean your gutters (or from paying so...

  • An Interview with Evelyn

    To celebrate the big changes going on here at Evelyn’s Leaf Solution, we thought we’d take a few moments to chat with Evelyn Robins, founder, inventor and CEO, the most trusted name in gutter protection. When I sat down with Evelyn, the first thing I noticed was her exuberance. She has this way of lighting up a room.